Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Hair?! (Otherwise known as: I wish I looked like Mila Kunis)

Every now and then I feel the urge to change my hair. Not drastically, but just enough so that I notice the difference and get that "new hair glow" we all lust after. Pinterest is my chronic catalyst of hair color lusting and makes it even easier by allowing you to put all of your lusts pins in one place. I'd been drooling over this picture of Mila Kunis for quite some time when I decided that if I cut and colored my hair like hers I would magically have smudgey sexy eyes surrounded by olive tanned skin:

I took it to my colorist and she seemed amenable to transforming my locks into some semblance of the above perfection. Here's my after shot- what do you guys think of her rendition?


  1. I love her hair, she always looks flawless. You're very pretty yourself, almost like Mila!

    *following you*

  2. I'm always jealous of her hair and makeup. How can one person look so perfect?

  3. Your hair looks lovely, so sleek. The colour is great too, she did a great job!

  4. Your hair looks beautiful Abbey :)

  5. You completely look like her! I'm new to your site, can't wait for you to keep publishing!

  6. Hey! I tagged you to do a tag post. :)


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