Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick Fix- Sliding Eyeliner

This post was requested by my lovely Delta Gamma sister, Karol. I figured it would be a great tip for the summertime because black eyeliner sliding all over your face is not an attractive look.

My "Holy Grail" eyeliner for hot weather is any gel or cream product. Below are the ones I recommend the most:

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner trio for specific colored eyes (Blue, Green, Brown, Hazel)

Clinique Brush-On Cream Eyeliner in True Black

Please for the love of all that is holy, DON'T USE THE BRUSH IT COMES WITH. They're terrible applicators. Do yourself and your face a favor and buy an angled eyeliner brush. You can get a cheap one for $1 at or in any Target store.

Also, remember that a little goes a long way with these gel/cream eyeliners so don't pile it on the brush unless you want it to come off as a gloppy mess on top of your eyelid with a thick stripe of black. I usually pick up a little product on the tip of the brush then dab off the excess on the top of my hand before applying to my upper lashline.

Now here's the big secret to getting this baby to stay all night....... are you ready?

With the same angled liner brush you used to apply the gel liner, pick up a bit of a matte black eyeshadow and push it into the lashline on top of the liner. This will lock it into place and I promise you it will not budge for hours, and even make the definition darker and a bit smokier. It's really important that it is a MATTE black shadow, meaning, no shimmer or glitter. You don't want to lessen the dark pigmentation you already applied.

Now a lot of you are probably wondering why I didn't list liquid eyeliner as the base for the matte black shadow. Liquid eyeliner is often very difficult to apply and looks much too harsh on the average person. The sharp definition requires a flawless complexion and nearly perfect features to pull off (if you have these, good for you, continue using your liquid eyeliners :P). Gel eyeliners are much more forgiving and have staying power that is just as long after you lock it in with your matte black shadow.


  1. Great tip!! I use matte shadow on top of liquid liner when doing a dark smoky eye to lock it in.

  2. Wow! That's cool!
    I'm gonna introduce this blog to my wife.

  3. Yay! I hope she enjoys it, I know I love writing about it! :)


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