Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skincare Routines

This post will be all about my various skin care routines that I use to keep my face looking fresh and clear! My skin type is Oily/Combination and I've dealt with terrible breakouts in the past. After getting on track with a dermatologist, these are my two separate routines that I use when appropriate.


1. Exfoliate - Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream
2. Cleanse - Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, Oily Skin Formula
3. Tone - Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3
4. Serum - Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Serum
5. Moisturize - Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

I use this routine when my skin is relatively clear and healthy, twice a day, morning and night. If needed, I add a blemish spot-treatment after step 5. I would have to say the most important thing I learned about dealing with skin issues is to wash your face for a full 60 seconds. It doesn't matter if you can't afford an expensive cleanser, make do with the one you have and wash your face from your hairline to just past your jawline in small circular motions for the full minute. You will be amazed at the difference 60 seconds really makes!

Now I will describe my routine in greater detail. First I exfoliate for 60 seconds using small circular motions starting at the center of my face and working my way to the hair line and the jawline. After rinsing, I use 1 pump of my cleanser and cleanse for another full 60 seconds using the same circular method. After rinsing and lightly patting my face dry, I use a round cotton pad soaked with toner and swipe all over my face starting in the middle and going outwards. I allow the toner to dry on my skin for at least 30 seconds. After it has dried, I take 1 pump of my pore refining serum and emulsify it between my fingertips for a few seconds, then gently pat it onto my skin. Finally, I take 1 pump of my moisturizer and rub it between my fingertips and gently pat onto my skin.

I think it's very important to put on your serums and eye creams if you use them before your moisturizer because the moisturizer is the final step that will seal in all of those wonderful, skin-changing ingredients. 

If I have an active flare-up of acne, I substitute my regular skincare routine for a specialized clearing one until the breakout clears up.

1. Cleanse - Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Acne Wash
2. Tone - Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Blackhead Astringent
3. Moisturize - Neaclear Liquid Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Moisturizer

This is almost like my preventative routine, with just a few less steps. I start by cleansing my face for a full 60 seconds using small circular motions working from the center of my face outward towards the hairline and jawline. After rinsing and lightly patting dry with a small washcloth, I use a round cotton pad soaked in toner and swipe all over my face starting from the center and going out all the way to the hairline and jawline. After allowing to dry for at least 30 seconds, I take a small dab of moisturizer between my fingertips and lightly pat onto my face.

I really like this set of products from Neaclear, which can be purchased at ULTA or online, because they are gentle and still effective since they are infused with salicylic acid which delves deep into clogged pores to clean them out. It is very important to treat inflamed, blemished skin with great care. You don't want to use any gritty scrubs or exfoliants because they can make problem skin even worse. You also don't want to use any heavy moisturizing creams or even serums because they can suffocate the skin in a time where it really needs to breathe.

The most important lesson from all of this skincare nonsense I've just jabbered on about?


This applies to men as well. So tell your brothers, boyfriends, and husbands!

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