Monday, January 14, 2013

25 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Holly, of Busy Kissing Bees to do a "50 Random Facts About Me" post. I loved reading hers and found it to be really captivating. I, however, am not as charming as she, and therefore have shortened the post to 25 facts. Because honestly, who wants to know that much about me? I am your average college student: addicted to cupcakes, knowledge, and caffeine (not necessarily in that order). I am the everywoman stumbling through a tiny part of this world. And I guess I happen to be addicted to beauty.

Despite my misgivings, I'm a good sport and will continue to bore you all with over two dozen useless pieces of information about my life. Here goes!

  1. I have a freckle in my left eye (so if there's a clone, you'll be able to spot the difference...).
  2. I didn't fly on a plane until I was 15.
  3. I have no sense of personal style because I love everything. Preppy, gothic, trendy, and everything inbetween. If I like it, I wear it.
  4. I am a notorious multi-tasker, sometimes to the point of incompletion.
  5. I am enchanted by technology and am always trying to keep up with the latest advances.
  6. My car used to belong to my Grandmother.
  7. Said car is a 1998 white Volvo. It's very boxy, but I love it.
  8. In addition to my beauty addiction, I LOVE organizing. I confess to stalking multiple blogs dedicated to the sport.
  9. I started blogging in 2011 but didn't really get into it until late 2012, and now I've been bitten by the bug and can't stop.
  10. I am 5'8" and have been at war with my height since a young age. I wish I were just a few inches shorter so I could wear beautiful high heels all the time!
  11. Every few months or so I purge my makeup collection because I feel guilty for amassing as much as I have.
  12. My favorite books to read are post-apocalyptic young adult novels despite their trashiness.
  13. I am half Chinese, and then a mixture of German, French, and Welsh.
  14. I make pretty awesome stir-fry, courtesy of my Mother, who gave me my first rice cooker and wok as a birthday present last year.
  15. I am terrified about being an English major (even though my concentration is Professional Writing), but I couldn't imagine being anything else.
  16. I fold and organize my underwear. Was that TMI?
  17. Ditto for socks.
  18. Despite my outwardly girly tendencies, I love camping and playing sports.
  19. I don't want to get my wisdom teeth out! Well, unless I get put under. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of pain during the procedure.
  20. I yo-yo between being perpetually hungry and fasting for days. Sometimes I'm a bottomless pit, but then other times I can go for a while on just water.
  21. I play the double bass, and used to play in 6 orchestras until very recently.
  22. I really hate unpacking from a trip, but loooove packing to go on one. Perhaps it's my subconscious telling me I should never have ended my vacation.
  23. I love the idea of living in a tiny space because it just looks so darn cute but I know I have way too much stuff to accomplish the feat. See: Ultra-Tiny Japanese Home
  24. I was scared to get my ears pierced until I was 16.
  25. (see #4).
If you made it through this post, I'm very impressed by your diligence and interest in my life. Thanks again to Holly for helping me divulge more of my life on the internet. I tag all of you, plus the following three bloggers, in no particular order, to complete this tag as they see fit:

Christine, from Little Red Bow
Libby, from Makeup By Libby
Linh, from Blushology


  1. Thank you for following, I just followed back.
    I love your way of writing. :) Great blog!


  2. I Love stir fry's ! but i suck at cooking :( and oh my god i'm completely the same about unpacking ! i love to pack my suitcase ( even to the point where i pack 2 weeks ahead and make lists) but when it comes to un-packing i leave it in the suitcase as long as possible ! thanks for doing this tag, i loved reading it :) x

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely do this in a blog post later!!

    Libby X

  4. Of course! So glad you asked me to do it, it was actually more fun than I thought it would be, haha :)

  5. Thank you so much, that really made my day, haha :D

  6. I loved number 25!! This was a great tag post :) Very entertaining!!

    Check out my blog if you have some time,

  7. I always love posts like this because I feel like I get to learn more about the girl behind the blog. :) I'm folllowing ya now :)

    <3, Mel

  8. Haha, thank you so much! Glad I held your interest :) I'll go check out your blog right now!

  9. I'm 5'1" want to trade heights? Haha. It was nice learning more about you :) Thanks for the tag, Abbey. I've written a post for tomorrow.

  10. Hi! great blog, Im a new follower- look foreword to reading more posts

    Im a self-taught makeup artist & upcoming YouTuber with a beauty blog. I feature product reviews, picture tutorials, looks I have created and how-tos etc,

    Would love for you to check it out and even follow if you like it?! Also be sure to join me on my facebook page for more makeup madness and a lookey into my portfolio

    Love from Sanna's beauty blog

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  11. I'll trade you any day! Can't wait to read your post, I love your blog so much! xo

  12. Girl, if you want to wear heels, wear heels. Kitten heels at the least! :)

  13. Hello!

    I nominated you for 'The liebster award' :)! Read more on my blog hihi.

    Here is the link:


    Rui Jun

  14. Great blog I'm now following I might do this post it's a nice way to let your followers into your personal life with out being over personal :)

  15. Oh thank you so much! I've already done a post on the Leibster award, but I am so honored that you chose me! <3

  16. Thank you so much! I agree that this is a great way to introduce some lifestyle tidbits without going overboard xx

  17. Haha I still do, if the outfit calls for it. Kitten heels don't work for me, however :( Ah, well, if you're gonna wear heels, go all the way!

  18. Linh from blushology.netJanuary 21, 2013 at 12:18 AM

    Thanks for tagging me, Abbey! I will try my best to do this ASAP! I can barely think of 10 things about me, so it'll probably take a while! XD

    #22 - Me too!!!!

  19. Wow i really like your blog! I know exactly how you feel about number 10 and I'm 5ft9 i would LOVE to be a bit shorter.
    New follower :) xx

  20. Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm really excited you're here :) I will swing by your blog right now :)


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