Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Impressions- Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua

I just purchased this foundation earlier this week and am absolutely in love with it. It is ultra-light but packs more coverage than an average tinted moisturizer does. It has a pleasant floral scent (it reminds me of freesia) that just barely peeks through, but enough that if someone kissed your cheek they would be able to smell it.

I would advise thoroughly shaking the container before using this product, since it is water-based and separates quite easily. It applies nicely over a primer (I prefer Smashbox Photo Finish oil-free) and with a foundation brush. I would not recommend applying this product using the fingers, since it is not terribly pigmented and the oils in your fingers would take away some of its staying power.

It dries to an imperceptible finish and feels like you have no makeup on at all, which is incredible considering its light to medium coverage. VitaLumiere Aqua also has a slightly dewy finish which looks incredible. I would not recommend this product for oily skin, but to each his own. I've read different reviews that say it works fabulously for the oily skin type, so stop by your Chanel counter and ask for a sample before going whole hog and purchasing the full thing.

It is my personal preference to lightly powder the central planes of my face after applying this foundation, but it works just as well on its own. I choose to add powder because I have combination skin and it can look quite slick by the middle of the day in those particular areas.

On to some must-knows about this product:

-How much do I get? 1 fl oz
-How much does it cost? $45
-What type of coverage does it have? Light.
-What is the color range? 9 shades ranging from light to medium.

Overall, do I think this product is worth it? Absolutely! If you have the money and the appropriate skin type and shade, go for it. Non-cakey, dewy, and gorgeous skin is always in, but especially so for summer.

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